The Author Of This Blog

Seriously, I don't know what I should share to you about myself. I have been not typing writing or sharing in this way for a quite long time. I looked for inspiration to write this and it just mess my head up. So, I'm going to do it my way, with high confident.

I am Nurul Sofia and proudly a Malaysian with an openbite teeth. An eighteen years old me who is still trying to find herself. I talk too much, and you can probably see it from reading this blog. Just sometimes, you can see that I'm not going to talk as much as always. I prefer outdoor activities. Ohs, I am well known as Opie. And my commercial name is Opie Leman. Only about 20percents of people around me know me as Sofia. It is kinda my alter ego. I mean, Opie is my alter ego. She conquer the major of my life. I'm a bit high temper person but, in a blink, I can get rid of it. 

Yes, I do want to be popular. Like, anywhere I go people will be saying " Hi, I know you!" to me. I know, it is too much. It is nothing wrong to dream right ? typing and writing is so much easier than talking because I can think twice before I spit anything out. yes, I can hurt you with my tongue. This blog, is just like a medium where I can share what I have been through, opinion about anything and maybe some knowledge. Or maybe, inspiring someone? I wouldn't know. Knowing that someone read my blog is such a great thing. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to cheer yourself up !