Hate PBS So Much !

السلام عليكم

Hey guys ! Okayh, now I want to update my blog in English. Sorry if you can't understand my English because I'm not so good in English. But, at least I try right ? Okay, let we start the story. You know right that the government introduce the students a new system ? If, you don't know about it, let me tell you. The students that were born in 1999 and the next younger generation will not sit for PMR and UPSR. but there's a new system called Pentafsiran Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS). This new system is very suck ! Many of my friend hate it.

The PBS have 6 Band's. And in every band, there will be a number of "deviden" and "elimen". It is hard to me ! The teachers will test us after they have taught us a topic. Band 1 is a level where the students have understand what they have learned. Then, the teachers will give us Band 2, Band 3, Band 4 and so on. But ! If the student fail to answer a Band, we can't do the other band. At the end of the year, all of the students can enjoy. They have send their textbook and they can play indoor and outdoor games any time in the school. But, the form 1 students cannot enjoy. Because, we must complete our PBS.

And the worst is, PBS incommode my teachers so much ! My teacher, Puan Masidayanie can download 2 or 3 songs into her laptop while waiting the PBS's website loading. Urgh ! It is a burden for the students and teachers. Please think about us ;) The teachers are tired waiting the website loading and insert marks into our record and I'm tired to complete the PBS. But I will try my best. I believe my government. They wanted the best for me and others. But please lighten this for us ;)

The things that good for you, maybe not good for others ;)


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