Where To Go Next ?

Is it something common, to not knowing where do you want to be next ? Cause I don't want to deal with it. Salam everybody. So, I just ended my foundation studies in UiTM Dengkil and a lot of people been asking me, "nak ambil course apa?' and a bonus question, "oh, lepas tu nak jadi apa" Look, it is not that I don't have dream, to be who,what, where, how and when. It just that I feels like, I cannot. I like sciences, I like Biology. But know what, I am a bit weak in that subject. I just... Nah, I don't know what to say about it. The only thing is now that I need to make up my mind. Where to go next. I dont even fill in the UPU form weh. And, oh ! Foundation was great !

My class, B10 was great, my housemates, D2-6-14 were great, my lectures were great. everything was great. EXCEPT, my pointer 🤣🤣🤣 This is just a short post, just to tell everybody that I am going to be unemployed, free anytime but not the weekend. Weekend is for my family. So, do hit me …

Satu Ucapan Tahniah

" Sekolah mana? Tun Perak ?", "eh tidak, mrsm jasin", "Oh tahniah"
Salam semua. Moga kalian mengharungi hari dengan baik. Dua tahun lepas, Opie telah mengisi borang online untuk kemasukkan tingkatan4 ke mrsm. Dan mrsm pilihan pertama Opie ialah MRSM Kuala Terengganu. Ya, Opie tahu itu jauh, terlalu jauh dari tempat tinggal Opie. Mengapa di situ ? Sebabnya mudah, Opie ada keluarga di sebelah sana dan masa itu juga, abang Opie sedang menuntut di IKBN Wakaf Tapai. Tetapi, apabila tiba hari keluarnya keputusan kemasukkan pelajar tingkatan 4 ke MRSM, Opie telah diterima masuk ke MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Jasin, Melaka. Waktu itu, reaksi Opie hanyalah "MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba ? Jasin ? Mana tu halamak." Haram tak pernah dengar tentang MRSM tersebut. Kemudian Opie guna carian google. Boleh tahan juga MRSM TGB, kawasan sekolah cantik. Tetapi, waktu itu belum lagi Opie tahu bahawa MRSM tersebut merupakan antara yang terbaik di Malaysia.
 Mengikut syarat, pelaj…

Post SPM Life, The Result and The Results

Ya ya I know. It is a bit late... Okay fine, it is way too late. I am going to share it anyway. Salam  everybody. So after SPM I just stay at home. My mak and ayah did not want me to work during that 5+months holiday. They said that if I work, I will not want to study anymore, I will choose to work because I have my own money, I will be having fun spending my money. But honestly, if my parents gave me permissions to work, I just want to gain experiences, have more friends, improve my communication skills. But, it is okay. I helped my mak at home during that holiday. Clean the house, do the laundry, and wash dishes. Yeah, that are my routine everyday. Yes I did not cook, do not ask me more. Every morning my mak usually cooks breakfast for my adik. So her breakfast is also mine. When I have a good mood or not lazy, I went out for a jog because if I did not, my feet will not 'jejak tanah' since I live in a 8th floor apartment. Ohs, in the evening, if the weather is good, I went …

Let's have a fresh start, right ?

I know it has been a long time I don't write here. If you have been following my blog since I started blogging, which was in the year 2010, I think. You'll probably notice that I have deleted many of my entry. I deleted them because I think I need to be a little bit professional. The title of my entry when I first started blogging WaS LiKe ThIs. I need you to know, I was 11 at that time and I thought ThAt WaS CoOl. Yea now, I grow up but still not mature enough.

I am actually having a short vacation from studying. I did noting during this 4 months. Except, learning how to drive and ride. I have a driving license now. But, I just notice that I need to do something to make up my life. Not really actually. I start using Twitter again, blogging, jogging, cycling, taking pictures of nature, and now I am working on a string bag which I have planned it last year. I see the progress. Hope I can show the product to you guys before I get busy again.

About this blog, I am thinking about…

Time Flew So Fast People

السلام عليكم Selamat everybody. Hai. Actually, this entry was a draft on what Opie want to say about my PT3's result. But then, now is already 2016. PT3 was two years ago. Like 2 years people. Nevermind, Opie will still proceed. So, opie did well in PT3.  My PT3's result was good but not great. Alhamdulillah, Allah eased everything, Opie only got a B. Alhamdulillah, I am one from the best students in the school, but not in Malaysia lah youuuuu. But still, Alhamdulillah, Allah always know the best.

Then, I ran my life as a student like others and now, I am waiting for my SPM results which I don't expect much. Only the best. A lot of things happen. That remain in my memory, in my heart and as scar. I think, that's all from me, as an introduction after a long time no typing here. Actually, this is a really long time no typing in anything. I'm actually practicing correct English and Bahasa Melayu. So, feel free to correct me in the comment below. In my other entry, yo…

Nurul Aliya Fitri Sulaiman

السلام عليكم Selamat 2015. Aduh, cuti sekolah pun sibuk. Redha. Jadi, sekarang ni, kita ada masa, kita update yaaaaaaaa. Untuk entri ni, Opie nak cerita satu benda je. Pada November 2013, ada berita daripada Ayah Opie mengatakan bahawa Opie akan dapat seorang lagi adik. 
Alhamdulillah, segalanya berjalan lancar. Kandungan Mak sentiasa sihat. Adalah sikit kandungan gula naiklah, kurang airlah. Mungkin faktor umur. Orang kata risiko mengandung pada umur 40 tahun ke atas tinggi. Begitulah. Mak kata, mungkin mak nak bedah, kalau-kalau tak larat teran.
Untuk 4 bulan, Mak tak sihat. Muntah-muntah, baring aja. Mak kata, memang biasanya macam tu. Masa tu, makan minum Opie dengan adik Opie, bukan tak terurus. Cuma sedikit serabut. Lepas 4bulan, Mak boleh buat kerja balik. Tapi, sudah tentu tak boleh buat kerja berat. Dekat situ, mula timbul rasa tanggungjawab sikit. Sikit. Opie ni bukan manja. Cuma malas. Selama ni, semua kerja rumah Mak yang buat. Adalah sikit sikit Opie buat. Itu pun, ketika…

Alhamdulillah, PT3 Selesai

السلام عليكم Hai, Hello ! Nyahahahaha ! Sorry, psiko jap.Ya Allah, lama yang amat Opie tak menaip. Uish, uish, tahu tak, Opie exam PT3 tahun ni. Since the PT3 is getting near kan, 3 Al-Azhar are being such as Omputih since the English Language examination for PT3 is kinda tough. Like, we have oral test, we have listening test and yeah. PBS pun masih lagi dijanlankan walaupun PT3 pun dah macam teruk yang amat. Even yang sangat sangat orang Melayu, macam Opie, kena speaking kauuuu. Haaaaa, sampai buat bet lagi. Tapi, dalam bet tersebut ye, tiada siapa menang tiada siapa kalah. All of us doing it well. Kalau macam serabut pun bahasa Inggeris tu kan, there are few of us gonna correct it. Kami tidak mengkritik.Jjadi, Opie rasa, PT3 ni telah membantu, sedikit sebanyak ye rakan rakan sahabat blogger ku sekalian, telah pun mengeratkan hubungan kami, rakan sekelas. 
Kelihatan di situ, susunan ayat dan bahasa Inggeris Opie amatlah pelik ya. Oh, tidak mengapa. Belajar dari kesilapan ye. Kalau ma…